Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Using Twinkling H20's for a quick painterly background

Hello Scrap Friends :)
I'm so happy to be sharing my first tutorial post on this blog!
Recently I made a layout using this technique and I got many positive responses, so I thought I'd share it with you in this short step-by-step guide.

Prepare. To start with, you'd need a piece of cardstock primed with gesso and thoroughly dried. Once you have that at hand, the colouring should take no more than 15 minutes - provided you already decided on your colour choice :)
You'd need at least 3-4 colours of paints. I decided to trust the producer and I picked a ready set of 6 colours: Fire & Ice,Mulberry,Autumn Butternut, Wintermist Gray,Azurite & Sweet Alfalfa. This set in BEAUTIFUL - this photo doesn't give it any justice as you will see below.
I'm also using a stamp, silicon brush, water spray and brown stazon ink, which somehow escaped the photo ;)

Stamp the image or images. I used one stamp only, just repeated the pattern randomly. Stazon ink is best to use, if you should stamp on gesso like in this case.

Add colour. I'm using silicon brush as I find it easier to control. The paint should be dissolved with a small amount of water to be a little thicker than a watercolour - like a consistency of a nail polish.
I really try to work quick through this step, starting with the light colours and adding the darks later and I stay within the stamped area.

Blend. Since the paint is thick, I spray some water to let the colours blend. It's also possible to remove wet paint with a paper cloth if it's too much, or add more  - purely a matter of taste and courage ;) This is my favourite part of the process, I love the subtle changes and effects which can be achieved here.

Dry and finish. When dry, the background is ready for some final touches. It could be an embossing on top, gesso stencil or some splashes of paint and more stamping.

I used my backgound to create this colourful 'thank you' card.

...and here's one of my earlier layouts using the same technique

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will find this short tutorial useful and get creative with a plain cardstock, gesso and paints!


  1. Thank you Zanka for your step by step tutorial. Effect is amazzing!!

  2. What a great technique! Beautiful color combo.

  3. So inspiring and beautiful! Can't wait to give it a try!!



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